The board

Pens for Kids Kenya's board consists of the following members:


Quality Control Manager, Mr. Seboru Sikujua - Bsc., MBA

P. O. Box 17516 - 00500, Enterprice Road, Nairobi, Kenya

(+254) 0726 51 83 29

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Board Member

Safari Guide Dickson Lemelita

P. O. Box 2, Mtito Andei, Kenya

(+254) 0737 68 68 61

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Board Member & Patron

Chemical Engineer Claus K. Hjørnet

Holmevej 21 Annisse Nord, DK-3200 Helsinge, Denmark

(+45) 21 33 38 90

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Board Member & Patron

Chemical Engineer Mette Hjørnet

Holmevej 21 Annisse Nord, DH-3200 Helsinge, Denmark

(+45) 49 20 12 03

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Picture from board meeting in 2011 at the Maasai Ostrich Resort in Athi River, Kenya.


Pens for Kids Kenya is registered as a charity organisation by the Non-governmental Organisations Board, c/o Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture, Kenya.

The certificate of registration was obtained on March 31st, 2011, and is here presented by the Chairman.

Our sponsor

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