Picture desciription: Photo taken by Pens for Kids Treasurer - Eliza Sikujua with kids


20.01.2014 - Received donation of pens from Krishan YB Sha in Perth Western Australia

10.08.2013 - Recieved pen donations from ROTARY CLUB OF ST' PANCRAS C/o Peter  Andes Pynchon, Hall Wrights Green, Essex - UK

19.08.2013 - Recieved pen donations from CHESNEY; NG 81 BB; UK

Pens for Kids Kenya thanks all of you for your kind donation


Pens For Kids Kenya is a non-profit NGO registered in Kenya

If you donate a pen to Pens for Kids Kenya - we shall send it to a child who needs it. Pens for Kids Kenya is based on 100 % voluntary work - there are no employees, no-one who makes money on the project, and the kids don't pay anything for the pens.

You may donate any of the following items

1. Pens

2. Pencils

3. Exercize books

4. Foot balls

5. Erasers

6. Crayons/colours

7. Rulers

8. Etc..

You may also contribute money to help procure the items and assist in distribution costs.

See our contacts below to send your donation.

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